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confused about cpne process

  1. 0 Ok, I applied for the CPNE on June 5th. However it took me two weeks to get a dr. appt for the health status report, and then I couldnt find my CPR card, then I thought everything was done but there was something missing on the health status report so I had to have that fixed and reuploaded.:smackingf. I got an email about a week ago saying NPAC had received my application but b/c of the missing signature on the health status report that they could not schedule me. I have since completed my app.

    So it took me 2 months,lol, but my app is finally all completed and was accepted on Aug. 3. I applied to NPAC and put that I would accept a cancellation date with one weeks notice. What I'm wondering is apparently they were ready to give me a date, so now that my application is ready do you think I will have to wait again? I would like to call them but who do I call? And when and who do I start calling about cancellation dates? I have been studying for the cpne since I started the exams, so I would probably be comfortable with a date as soon as a month from now. but I dont understand how the scheduling works. Im all confuzzled, I hope some of this made sense, LOL. Thanks guys!
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    WOW, nevermind! they just called me, I test at York Hospital in PA Sept. 25th-27th! I was so surprised they called so quickly, and how many dates she had available. YAY, im excited, any thoughts on the York, PA site?
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    It's a newer site, so I haven't heard much. But good luck!!
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    Congrats on the date and best wishes for a successful CPNE. Traci