1. 0 Is there any classes on line for CNA, and how long is the class?
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    I've never heard of any online CNA classes. Most (if not all) states require CNA instruction to be in-person and hands-on, along with a 75+ hour clinical rotation where you practice skills on patients in a healthcare facility.

    CNA is simply not one of those roles that can be learned through online courses.
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    Thank u so much! How long is the class?
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    It's between 1-3 months , there are different programs all over the country(part time/full time, private or CC;etc.) You need theory and practice (hands-on) to pass your state exam and become certified. Go to CNA/MA forum CNA/MA - Nursing / Medical Assistant and you'll get lots of useful inforamtion regarding CNA career.
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    Im in Australia and I did My Certificate 3 in Aged care distance ed. I was already working in the field though and had been working as an Assistant Nurse (CNA) for about 10 years when I started. I had a pile of workbooks to do and the CN at work had to sign me off on my practical stuff. I did have a "teacher" from the company I went through fly up and sit down with me if I had any questions about once a month.
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    i've never heard of a online CNA school... I know in some community colleges you might be able to take the classes online but then you still have to go in and do the practice labs and do a 16 hr+ (depending on the state) clinical rotation.

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