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CLEP Introductory Sociology

  1. 0 I passed the CLEP Introductory Sociology exam today with a 68 (50 is minimum needed for any credit anywhere, but the program I'm considering has 55 as a cutoff) using only Instacert as preparation. Just thought I'd vouch for them.
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    Great job! Really not a bad exam, I took it in 2008 and got like ... 71 or 72? I used Instacert as well.
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    I used Instacert for this exam too and passed after a few days. Definately a worthwhile investment for those taking a few CLEP exams :-)
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    How did you use InstaCert to prepare? Just use those flashcards where u fill in the blank? I signed up for it but dont understand it.
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    Used instatcert also and passed with a 56 I believe.