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I've been looking into the various on-line RN-BSN programs for a few weeks now. There are dozens of such programs but I've managed to narrow the candidates down to just two: Ohio Univer and... Read More

  1. by   mtsteelhorse
    chuckster, is this for a nursing degree program other than RN-BSN online? Who are you talking with at OU? I would REALLY like some answers to my questions about the application process and why it's taking so long. No one has responded to the email I sent last week. Thanks.
  2. by   babynurse73
    Is the tuition $155/per credit hour anyway? I'm really hoping so. Sorry that the application process is taking so long. The guy I talked to responded to my e-mail within 24 hours, but I haven't submitted anything at this point, just a query. I was looking into Liberty and Jacksonville University's RN to BSN program and OU's price is right so Im leaning toward them. I went through the entire application process for the BSN program at Sacred Heart University, but got cold feet. The tuition is $475/per credit hour! I really don't want a huge bill when I'm done. It's a huge undertaking and a little financially scary. SHU was a bit snobby for my taste, and told me if I didn't start the semester I enrolled in, I would be "disciplined." Oh please! I called to postpone 2 weeks before classes even started! So I guess Im just nervous and weighing the pros and cons of obtaining the elusive BSN! Will I still have a life if I do this, as I work full time and have a husband, 3 kids, and a menagerie of pets! I'd love any comments or feedback, this forum has been greatly appreciated!!:heartbeat
  3. by   mtsteelhorse
    babynurse73, I know where you're coming from! Yes, tuition is $155/credit hour...very reasonable! I'm hoping it's not overwhelming but I haven't received much information on that front. I'm hoping the length of time involved in assessing my transcripts means I will have less classes to take. One can only hope! Good luck in your decision process. Cost was a consideration for me and OU is by far the most reasonable.
  4. by   babynurse73
    mtsteelhorse, thank you for your input! I hope you will have less classes to take as well! Maybe we will be in a class together along the way. Yes, OU is definitely the winner among BSN programs in my opinion. Tuition is among the lowest out there, 5 week classes, Blackboard and Epic platforms (I've used Blackboard and it's pretty user friendly), and of course it is accredited by the appropriate organizations. OU gets my vote!
  5. by   babynurse73
    I;ll just have to take the plunge and try it out. It's the only way! And I won't be out too much money if I decide going back to school just isn't for me.
  6. by   mixmarsh
    I've applied to OU and have recently sent in transcripts. However, my microbiology class that I took for my ADN did not have a lab component. Would OU accept taking the class after starting the nursing classes or do I need to take it prior? Does anyone know?
  7. by   chuckster
    mixmarsh --

    I would phone your OU enrollment specialist - you should have gotten an e-mail from one to start the admission process. If he/she can't answer it directly, they should be able to refer you to someone who can.

    Would you mind posting about this (your issue, who you contacted at OU [title, not name], the response - or lack of one - and an assessment overall of how you were treated) in the thread for "Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program"? I'm hoping that thread will become the repository for all things related to the OU program and that we can eventually get the forum moderators to make it a sticky so that others planning to attend OU will have a good source of info.

  8. by   luv2b_a_nurs
    I looked at UT-A's website for RN-BSN and it looks good because they say it's only 6K to get a BSN in 13 months. However, that must just be for the core nursing classes because it looks like they require an awful lot of general courses that were not taken in a ADN program. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  9. by   mesa14
    I know this thread is older, but I was wondering if anyone went thru OU's online RN-BSN program and how they liked it? I am currently looking into many programs (it's a bit overwhelming) and OU is currently toward the top of my list. Any feedback is much appreaciated. Thank you!
  10. by   lil_owl
    I am also curious to know how what everyone eventually decided and how the education went
  11. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from lil_owl
    I am also curious to know how what everyone eventually decided and how the education went
    My original post from February 2011 appears on the first page. I ended up selecting Western Governors University since their credit transfer policies were generous and the tuition was affordable.