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So far the cheapest online RN-BSN program that I have found is at the University of Wyoming. Tuition 2006 - 2007 Academic Year: Undergraduate $94.00 per credit hour... Read More

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    I just check Wyoming and they aren't that cheap anymore. There is a proposed increase in tuition beginning spring 2012, non-resident tuition is $395/credit hour plus the $40 credit hour fee.

    Check it out:
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    Quote from Faeriewand
    So far the cheapest online RN-BSN program that I have found is at the University of Wyoming.


    2006 - 2007 Academic Year:

    $94.00 per credit hour

    $159.00 per credit hour

    Online Fee

    In addition to tuition, students will be assessed an online fee of $40 per credit hour with a minimum of $50. The Online Fee is non-refundable after the Add/Drop period.

    so that's $94 + 40=135 times 3 =$402 per 3 unit class.

    So anyone else find anything cheaper than that?

    Just looking to save some money and pass the info along
    I thought I'd give you my about Ohio University. First of all, OU is a very good brick and mortar university with a long tradition of excellence in Ohio. I grew up way north of there up around Cleveland. OU is where most of my upper-middle class suburban high school class went to college and is considered a pretty good school.

    I did not go to college immediately after high school- I joined the military, but I took correspondence courses in business/management through OU Independent Study Dept. via mail and proctored tests on the military bases. I was very happy with the customer service and prompt responses from my instructor, how they made comments on my papers, etc. The internet was just happening at that time. That dept has grown into the online courses dept. and I'm interested in taking courses from that same department now that I'm an RN. From my past experience, my gut reaction is to trust OU. They are far from the bustle of California, nestled in the woods right in the middle of Ohio, far from the city. Over there, they need to provide some level of customer service to students in order to attract us. And they seem to do exactly that. Before re-discovering OU I felt inclined to apply to CSU dominguez hills, but I hate the CSU bureaucracy and "graduation requirements (stuff like California History, speech, etc. ). I already graduated from Berkeley- I don't need more fluffy undergraduate courses that have nothing to do with nursing. Plus the CSU schools that do RN-BSN programs online tend to run them as second-degree programs through their "Extension". Extension courses through CSU are more expensive than regular programs, akin to paying out-of-state tuition. Especially as a second-degree program where you probably won't get financial aid.

    OU seems to me to be the easiest to apply to, the least likely to give you the runaround and make you take a bunch of useless extra courses (such as Wyoming History or other ridiculous "graduation requirements") and give you a good education for your money that will actually make you a smarter nurse without being too painful to earn.

    I simply do not trust or respect the for-profit schools that pop up on the internet, schools with no real campus, or schools with poor technology and outdated bureaucracies in place. I'm likely to go the OU route. Glad someone posted that here.
    Cleveland State University is another one you could take a look at folks.
  3. by   RNinLCF
    Considering Cal State Dominguez vs. OU. Any thoughts? Thanks!