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So far the cheapest online RN-BSN program that I have found is at the University of Wyoming. Tuition 2006 - 2007 Academic Year: Undergraduate $94.00 per credit hour... Read More

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    Quote from Faeriewand
    University of Texas at Arlington is also very cheap for the pre-reqs

    You can take them online A&P and Micro for $349. pretty good
    So how do you find this program? Very challenging? I am math challenged and need to take some pre-reqs. Looking for cheapest on-line to complete some of those basic courses. I live too far from a community college. Thanks!

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    I know this is an old thread, but I'd like to add some info.
    UT Arlington Academic Partnership RN to BSN did recently raise their tuition, but still is an excellent value.
    As to transfer credits, they accepted almost all of my previous credits, the ones that were not accepted were due to course description(s) not the age of the credits.
    I have also applied to Univ of Wyoming, even though they seem to have a more stringent clinical requirement.
    Does anyone have experience with either of those programs.
    Thanks in Advance!
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    The Univ. of Texas-Arlington requires the RN to have their College Algebra and Stats class
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    I have already applied, been accepted and received my transcript eval.
    Univ of Texas-Arlington DID accept, in transfer, my previous credit for algebra, and after asking for a review, my statistics class also.
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    I have tried applying to UTA's RN to BSN program. They have misplaced my transcripts twice. I was slotted to begin on 26 Sept but due to my transcripts being misplaced must wait to the Nov 7 class date. Communication from the university is lacking. They do not update their MAV account so you really do not know where you stand with your application status. I live out of state so I am not able to go directly to the university and talk with someone. I feel completely helpless. Needless to sy I am know looking into other online programs. UTA cost me 6 months worth of time!!
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    Although I posted positively above, I have since experienced lack of communication from my advisor. I contacted admissions, who suggested that perhaps it was due to my emailing from my personal email account (which had previously been answered by the same advisor), so I emailed from my student account. My last email to my advisor was a week ago, and after I looked back at the dates, I have been trying to get a response for over 2 months.
    So, I enrolled for this semester at a local university. Not sure how I will proceed from here, as I am seriously looking at Ohio University, as well as the University of Wyoming.
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    Quote from Faeriewand
    If you live in California, Cal State Dominguez Hills is not too bad if you do it all in three semesters going full time.

    Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) Degree Completion Program

    But they did have to raise tuition for fall.
    $ 1,539 for part-time up to 6 units and $ 2,427 for full time 6.5 and more units. But it's completely online and comes highly recommended.
    Plus not too many classes to take as pre-reqs. You don 't even need o-chem.
    OMG thats good to know. It doesnt say on the website what prereqs i need. When does the program usually start? im applying this october. Im still taking Psych statitics this fall and im so glad that i dont have to take O chem next semester.
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    I have had really good communication with UTA. BUT I feel really misled. I have appied and been admitted and requested an unofficial look over my transcripts.

    Turns out, they are not accepting my English courses and are requiring I take their English Comp 1 and 2. My first nursing class scheduled for November 7 cannot be started unless both those classes are completed. Meaning that I wont start the RN-BSN program until April 2012!!??

    I am requesting a re-evaluation. Its bad enough I need to go back and take TX governement and Poli Sci. But to have to retake English is absurd. Ill let you know how it goes or I may have to go to GCU or look elsewhere.

    All the other nurses on my unit are going throu GCU. Its coming out to approx $17K+ when all is said and done in 13 months. I have been accepted there as well. ALL my coursework transferred, no B.S, BUT its very pricey in my opinion.

    I will also look into Ohio...
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    I have about 10 friends and co-workers who are in the UTA RN-BSN program right now. Only one had problems like have been described in this and other threads.

    As for me, they accepted everything on my transcripts including some ancient stuff. They have answered all my questions and haven't being shady about anything.

    It's true that rates have gone up recently but it's still really affordable for me. Even if my employer didn't offer tuition reimbursement, I'd still be able to swing it.

    My advice is to send your transcripts to UTA and pay the non-refundable $35 app fee. They will eval your transcripts, tell you exactly what they will and won't accept, and tell you exactly which courses you will need to graduate. No guesswork involved. If you find a better situation elsewhere, it was only $35.
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    I just check Wyoming and they aren't that cheap anymore. There is a proposed increase in tuition beginning spring 2012, non-resident tuition is $395/credit hour plus the $40 credit hour fee.

    Check it out:

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