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  1. I was wondering if anyone has took or is planning to take the CPNE at Chambersburg hospital? I live in Chambersburg and not paying for a hotel in NY would be nice. The hospital is one of the newest CPNE sites. Chambersburg has a lpn-rn hospital program called Project Learn with Excelsior that they pay their staff lpns full time to complete in one year but it has certain stipulations. To my knowledge, they go to the hospital 5 days a week, have study groups and do clinical things in the simulation lab and work on the floors. The students get the weekends off. When they graduate they get their Excelsior diploma like the rest of us but they get some clinical experiences while in school. It is actually a great program if you want to work in the hospital setting.

    I didn't go that route because you have to work at the hospital for 5 years after completing their program at a prequoted rate and Chambersburg has a huge turnover for their RNs. I live ten minutes away from Chambersburg hospital and took my LPN clinicals at the hospital one year ago. I have also been a patient there several I am very familiar with the hospital equipment and layout of the hospital so completing my CPNE here in my hometown would takes some of the stress off. Any feedback would be awesome.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I've only heard good things about Chambersburg! I'm not too far from there, relatively speaking -- only about 1.5 hours. But I tested in Mansfield, OH; I already had my date there, and was reluctant to change plans. But I've heard they only have the CPNE once a month there right now, so it might take longer to get a date. Not sure about that.

    There are some C'burg experiences on EC's Electronic Peer Network (EPN), under the section where students post CPNE journals. Might be a good place to start!
  4. by   rh39

    i called ec about the cpne about 2 months ago, i also inquired about the chambersburg site since i'm in pa. i was told that they only test there once a month, and it was a "hot site" (whatever that means) so the wait could be 8 months to a year. she also said they were working on trying to hire more staff to be able to test more frequently. don't know if this info is still valid or not.

    i'm going to list it when i apply, it certainly is close, maybe i'll get lucky.

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