Capella vs Chamberlain for RN-BSN online?

  1. Anyone have any advice?

    I am all set to start at Capella July 8th, but have recently been talking with admissions at Chamberlain. I like the idea that they have a campus near me for support and things like a graduation ceremony in the future.

    I'm kinda torn and hoping to get some real advice from others.

    One thing I've noticed- Capella isn't requiring any math in addition to the elementary algebra I had in my ADN program. Chamberlain requires College Algebra and statistics. More work, but this makes me think it will be easier to transfer to another school in the future should I decide to?

    Any advice would be great, with July 8th approaching quick (the start date for next session at both schools) I really want to make sure I make an informed decision.

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  3. by   DialysisRN12
    I'm not a fan of statistics but I do feel it's necessary to fully understand some courses and excel in your BSN courses. I'm at Chamberlain for their RN-BSN and almost done. I've looked at Capella but for their MSN in Diabetes program. I'm really...really...surprised they don't require statistics as almost any bachelors program requires some higher math class.
  4. by   AmieB75
    How is the Chamberlain program? I'm leaning toward them.

    Yes, it really amazes me too that Capella totally skips all the math. I'm a little nervous about the Chamberlain math placement test... It's been about 12 years since my last algebra class! Lol

    Financial aid at Capella is horrible. Every week they change things, one person will tell you one thing and the following week someone else totally contradicts it. That has been a huge deterrent for me.

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  5. by   DialysisRN12
    I love CCN. The teachers have all been great. The student finance department is on top of everything. I honestly have no complaints about them at all. They are a little more expensive but I think totally worth it since I'm receiving such a quality education and the whole process has been so easy. I wish they had an FNP program so I could stay there.
  6. by   AmieB75
    I appreciate the feedback! I talked with them again today and I've pretty much decided to go with Chamberlain.

    Any advice on the History elective? Did you have to take one? I am no good with history as I've always never been very interested in it. I'm more into the sciences.... The adviser suggested the HUMN-415: Vietnam and 20th-Century Experience because it has something like 6 smaller papers rather than one large one at the end.

    Are you enrolled in a FNP program? I've been curious about the credits transfer etc with FNP programs should I decide to go that route in the future.

  7. by   RNin10
    I am glad I read this. I wish there was more here. I have been leaning toward Chamberlain and then talked to Capella today. I was impressed with the rep on the phone and a lot of what she said. I loved the fact that the higher levels of math wouldn't be required but I did worry about that for later on since I do want to do FNP. It's been almost 2 years. Does anyone have any new input?

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