Anyone applying for JU online RN to BSN?

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    I just applied for the RN to BSN online program for Jacksonville University March 2014. Is anyone else applying for the program? Does anyone have some recent input? I know JU is an excellent school, just wondering how everyone likes the online program. I am a new grad and don't have a job yet so I am a little worried about the end project. Hopefully I will be employed by then

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    I will be attending also in march..
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    I'll be attending in March 2014 as well. From all the info I've gathered, the program seems to be well structured with it's 8 week classes and the option to take 1-2 classes per session (6 Sessions per year). It also has a strong emphasis on Critical Care and their graduates are known for clinical excellence. Customer service has been superb every time I call JU, it seems so organized. Private tuition could be better, but I'm certain the education is well worth it! sunnynurse36, and koloa27, I would like to stay in touch with you two, classmates support is very valuable. I dont have PM permission just yet, but I can be reached at FlaglerRNMedic@Gmail.Com. Are you doing Full-time or Part-time?
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    I'm only going part-time I work full time. So I'm only going to take one class at a time.
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    Great, I'm going to be starting out part-time and depending on how it goes, I may go full time the following semester. Thats one of the nice things about JU, we can simply add the class and not have to go through a long drawn out process to transition to full time! We're almost in Feb, I need to get books!
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    Good luck in school...
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    Thank you, any other soon to start JU students RN-BSN?
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    Thanks for replying! I just applied last week so I am waiting for them to receive the rest of my transcripts and determine if I am accepted. It sounds like a great program though.
    I plan on attending full time- at least until I get a job
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    Koloa27, keep me posted I'm sure you are in and would like to know when you have registered for your classes! And do you live in Jax?
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    Just got officially accepted and registered for classes!

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