Anyone apply for the Frontier Nursing University 112 class for Spring 2013?? - page 5

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Hi! Just curious if anyone has applied for this class.... It would be nice to meet each other :)... Read More

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    So the class of 111 was notified exactly 8 weeks prior to bound. . . . . which brings the 8 week mark for the class of 112 to January 8, 2012 - which would be tomorrow. I know - like we are not all holding our breaths already.
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    Oklahomacole...have you gotten an email at all today?!
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    As per Frontier on Facebook:

    Class 112 CNEP will start to receive notices VERY SOON! GOOD LUCK.

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    oh my goodness!!!!!!!! Good luck to you too!!
    Where did you see that on facebook?
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    On their wall on facebook, they said something about how they're sending acceptance emails today for Class 111 and someone commented when they would send them out for Class 112. That was their response.
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    Did you apply for the CNEP or the CFNP? I found it on their facebook! I wonder with CFNP will find out!
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    I applied CNEP. I dunno. I think we're all wondering lol.
    Good luck though.
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    Good luck to you!! Post and let me know
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    Nothing yet . . . . . . . . . .
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    So I must have been wrong about 111 being notified at 8 weeks if they are just letting people know now -- that was someone posting that they were accepted in Dec - I'll have to look back. So 112 happens two weeks after 111 - hopefully we will hear quicker than that.