Anyone apply for the Frontier Nursing University 112 class for Spring 2013?? - page 2

Hi! Just curious if anyone has applied for this class.... It would be nice to meet each other :)... Read More

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    Oh. No problem at all. We're all here to help one another. :-)
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    To answer your question, I have been a nurse a LONG time, 28 years! I am also a chiropractor. I have a practice working onsite at a large company utilizing both my RN and DC skills. I love it, but chiro is starting to wear me out physically. I work with a NP and would love to broaden my scope. Yes, maybe we will be in the same class.
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    Just an update regarding my technology question. I called Frontier today and they had told me that they no longer require the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone for their clinical portion. The Android OS would be compatible with their software and technology. Yippee! That's good news for those that are NOT apple people. LOL
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    That is good news, thanks for the update.
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    Now if we could just get an answer on application decisions hahaha!!
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    Yes, I agree.... This wait is somewhat difficult.... I'm always checking my email, their website, here, etc. lol
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    i saw today that our 112 class was closed, so maybe we will know in the next 6-8 weeks
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    Who did you speak with at Frontier? After reading this thread, I emailed Sharon Feltner about the iPad/iPhone vs Android device and I received an email back from the IT guy there that said they still required an Apple device. I was kind of hoping they didn't! I have an iPhone, but I'm not sure if a tablet would be a better idea...
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    Hi. Would you mind copying the email here from the IT guy? I spoke to a lady in IT. Can't remember her name and she said that it is outdated as they understand that not everyone can afford an iPad, etc. The unfortunate part is that if it truly is required, we must bring it to Frontier Bound.... Therefore, we have only a month or 2 to save and purchase one from when we get out acceptance letter. Oh well. The life of technology in a rather tough economy.

    I'd like to see exactly what he wrote though. Thanks.

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