Any Online LPN Programs?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of any online LPN programs?

    I've heard of Ashworth University for online MA programs and also have heard that Graceland University may have online LPN programs.

    Bottom line is that I'm working full time with a family and I don't want to take 9 months out of the work place and go to school. Any online courses I can work on late at night and during my lunch break would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    i don't think there is such a thing for lpn program as you actually need the hands on clinical. there maybe some hybrid lpn programs where you take the classroom classes "online" then go somewhere for the actual clinicals which according to your post won't work for you because of your schedule.

    but once you have your lpn, then there's a couple of "online" programs you can do for your lpn to rn.

    good luck and let us know if you find the program you're looking for. if you do, please make sure the program is accredited by your state so you'll be able to take the licensing exam at the end.
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    MA is not the same thing as LPN. I would be wary of any program that offered healthcare-related "degrees" via distance for initial licensure or entry into the healthcare industry, especially when they lack regional accreditation.

    I don't see LPN on Graceland's site ...

    Your best bet is to find a local community college/school that offers a night/weekend program that will fit with your work schedule. Good luck!

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