American Sentinel Univeristy info please???

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    I haven't read much if any that I recall about American Sentinel University on here. Does anyone know much about this school or has attended it? Also, does anyone know much about the detc accreditation? Do most other university's take DETC accreditation? Thanks for all your help. I am looking for a school that doesn't have a lot of prerequisite's and isn't too expensive.

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    DETC is required by all online universities. Amer Sent only has this accred. currently. Consider this when choosing your college.
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    I ruled this one out early in my search for RN-BSN programs because it lacked CCNE and/or NLNAC accreditation.
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    hi lunah,
    is american sentinel university ccne accredited now? is lists that it is on their website:
    "more and more practicing registered nurses, like those seeking an rn to bachelor's of science in nursing degree, want to advance their education and career opportunities, and they are turning to american sentinel university's ccne-accredited nursing education programs"
    let me know if you know anything about this college please.
    : ) toni
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    It sounds like they've gained accreditation, but as I said, they weren't accredited when I was searching for a program in 2008. This is a rather old thread, and unfortunately I don't know anything about the school.
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    OK Thanks. I was looking at Chamberlain or American Sentinel - not sure which is best. Time and Money are considerations for me. Reading about all the papers to write in the Chamberlain isn't exciting for me also : )

    If anyone has info re: American Sentinel, please forward. Thanks.
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    american sentinel online bsn

    i did end up registerring for online bsn - start oct. 2010 @ american sentinel

    after much research, seems like best price / best plan for me. it is accredited as well.

    anyone going to this college or have any info ??
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    american sentinel online bsn

    is there anyone going to this college or have any info - i am excited but have questions
    anyone out there ??
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    Sounds like you may be the only one planning on going to American Sentinel. Let us know how it goes for you. Good luck with your program.
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    I just registered with American Sentinel Univ. I am in the Orientation class which shows you around the Computer Class workflow. Registerring, planning for degree completion, Advising, Submitting assignments, etc.

    Classes begin next Month 10/2010. I will take 4-5classes per semester (3 credit) & desire to complete in 10mos. I found there is a Huge amout of people going in the RN to BSN classes but they post on their own boards. I was glad to see this as I could not find any info on the allnurses website (which has been so helpful to me).

    This is one of the only college that I did not have to re-do an Algebra, take some Histories, etc. I have 144 undergrad credits & did not want to mess around with more unrelevant classes. I will keep posting on how it is going. I so love these mesage boards - so helpful!!!!

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