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  1. by   serenitylove14
    Quote from CountryMomma
    There is a HUGE difference: Those who "ho" in private, are just that, private. As in, the employer will not know. It will not necessarily reflect upon the employer.

    A very public dancer/performer/stripper is, well, public, traceable, and will reflect upon the employer. Employers are getting serious about public image as clients become more choosy.

    Also, I really don't think a serial monogamous person is equivalent to a public, for-profit performer/dancer/stripper/"ho". One is a preferred style of relationship, and the other is a way to make money.

    Nice way of judging people who love and live differently than you. What, because a person chooses to sleep with more than one person a year makes them a "ho", regardless of if they were being paid?
    Lol, you make good points my friend. But my opinion stands. And for the last question my answer is possibly. Everyone has different definitions of what a ho is lol.
  2. by   LoutusCNA.VT1983
    I personally have done burlesque shows and even done web cam modeling and I love doing it but I do agree that I don't want all the world to know about what I do...in the cases of employers or employees.

    but I do have to use social media to a degree to promote doing these kinds of things. Its just how you get a crowd to show up at an event. But I really to be as careful as I possibly can about what I publicly post to the internet and who can see what I post and how can not. I know that even if I am only working as HHA right now I am intending on going and doing CNA training as well as I am in school for Veterinary Technician training which is still nursing and still public work.

    I do think some states such as CA have become a heck of a lot more flexible about how they personally view things of an "adult" or more alternative nature. And yes I have always been someone that frankly views being more sexually open as not a bad thing. In fact I think the more adults treat sex like sex. The better sexual education get promoted by young adults and teenagers. And sex education really I feel needs to be vamped up and not so sugar coded as it is now.

    I still meet people that are in their late 20's to early 30's that I swear don't get the value of using a condom, or going and getting tested.

    I think a lot of people on here would agree that, what you do i your off time as long as you are not breaking any laws should be your own.

    But I also do know that the corporate business world does look at things in certain ways for sure. Which is why for me when I say that I exist as a performer, I make sure that my material and what I put out to the world is there but its private. Cause frankly just like talking about your personal life, which frankly what you do as stripper, web cam model, burlesque dancer...is YOUR PRIVATE LIFE. And it just needs to be kept out of the work place.

    Cause its the polite, respectful and more importantly PROFESSIONAL thing to do hell if I worked as Zoo Keeper that would remain true in my mind.