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Blonde bombshell Amy Toliver leads a double life to fulfill an incredible dream. The Phoenix resident sheds her clothes several times each week nightly at "iCandy Burlesque" in Planet Hollywood's... Read More

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    Quote from CountryMomma
    There is a HUGE difference: Those who "ho" in private, are just that, private. As in, the employer will not know. It will not necessarily reflect upon the employer.

    A very public dancer/performer/stripper is, well, public, traceable, and will reflect upon the employer. Employers are getting serious about public image as clients become more choosy.

    Also, I really don't think a serial monogamous person is equivalent to a public, for-profit performer/dancer/stripper/"ho". One is a preferred style of relationship, and the other is a way to make money.

    Nice way of judging people who love and live differently than you. What, because a person chooses to sleep with more than one person a year makes them a "ho", regardless of if they were being paid?
    Lol, you make good points my friend. But my opinion stands. And for the last question my answer is possibly. Everyone has different definitions of what a ho is lol.

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