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    Hello all, I am looking for information on clinical coordinators or executives running multiple departments within their organization. Do any of you know of administrators that run both the Emergency department and operational services within the same organization? We all know that these two departments typically house the strongest and most reactive personalities within an organization (I do not mean that in a bad way), so is it practical to expect one person to be responsible for both departments in one organization? Thanks in advance.
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    Moving to nursing management
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    I was the clinical director of Emergency Services, ICU and PCU/Step down in a Nursing Union facility. I was over run with personality. It was challenging but the pay was good as were the perks.

    What do you mean operational services? Our operations management/services was facility management.

    What do you need?
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    Thanks Esme12. I guess that is what I am trying to gauge; If it is worth it; no perks, salary under 80k/yr. So when you say the perks and pay were worth it, were you making more than this? I ,meant the operational aspects of the departments that I run: the emergency department, surgical services and the PACU, so it deals with a lot of volume, revenue, personality and stress! I am dealing with it currently because, ultimately, I want to become the CNO of an organization, so I can learn from running multiple departments, I just feel I may be taken advantage of at times.
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    You are being taken advantage a bit. I was paid $128,000.00 (Boston) plus bonus year end. Full tuition reimbursement. I got comp days accrued for excess time >60 hours that cold be taken PTO or paid out. I had flexible hours and work from home capability/access off site to computers telecommuting when necessary to be with my kids. This was 8-9 years ago.

    I didn't want to be a CEO or CNO it was as far as I wanted to get. Things are different now. If you are looking to advance this can give you the necessary background to make a successful transition.
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    Wow, good for you. That is a big part of my frustration, the 140+K of school loans I currently have. I am from PA, but my husband and I also have a place in Florida, so I am going to look into a few places there. thank you very much for the help, it has really put a lot into perspective for me.
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    You won't find Florida as high paying state. I think the sunshine has fried their brains. I was a supervisor in Boston making $68.00/hr with OT they offered me $38.00/hr straight time. The recruiter said...Maybe I should move to Boston.