Which of the following court documents would be relevant when submitting to the BON?

  1. I understand my BON says it wants certified court documents AND police reports related to each conviction. However, it isn't really specific on which and so I'm wondering if anyone can clue me in on this.

    I had a $600+ traffic conviction and the only certified documents that I could get are:

    -Citation being filed
    - C
    orrespondence from DEFENDANT Requesting To Re-Open Case for TS
    - Court Trial
    Do I just get all of them?

    BQ: I have a juvy record too but do most BON's want juvy court documents if defendant wasn't tried as an adult?

    Thanks to anyone who can clear my confusion.
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  3. by   ddlvnv
    You want to go in person to the courthouse get whichever document has the most information, showing dates, proceedings, if and when traffic school was completed, when fines were paid, when case was closed completely, etc. Don't forget to check and make sure they certify it before you leave the counter. As far as the police report, some cities only keep police reports for actual arrests not traffic citations. If you have a copy of the citation send it in, then request a certified letter from the police department (usually have to go in person) on their letterhead stating they have searched their records and cannot find any record of said citation or case number. If they say they don't do that or don't know what you are talking about, be polite but persistent. You may have to go home and find the phone number for the records or archive department for the police station and ask them who, where, and what to say and ask for when you try again at the police station. If you are lucky, some counties you can request copies online, but not most. One last note, some counties will not release police reports to the party involved, you will have to give them a copy of the form from the BON stating what is needed and where to send it and they will mail it directly to BON. Hope this helps somewhat.