Waiting on approval to practice nursing with a Juvenile record - page 2

Okay so i took nclex passed and was waiting for my nursing licenses... unfortunately springfield contacts me and says i cannot practice medicine because of a retail theft that happened when i was a juvenile that i never got... Read More

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    Im still waiting...... Im in IL. Where are you?

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    Right we just "Practice" ....
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    soo still waiting on my nursing license... sent the letter to them. they still havent sent me anything yet i have been waiting for almost 2 weeks now getting worried. How long does the average response take?? and should i send them the $50 license fee now?? ... #STRESSING cause i have job now and they are holding the nursing position for me i just hope this doesnt not take much longer cause i really need to work as a nurse ASAP -_-
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    Yes they aren't going to give you a license without the 50 dollars, i sent mine in with the letter and got mine a couple days later
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    Oh okay so have to pay ! Thats part of the reason why im waitng so long.. Thank You so Much !!! Will be paying today!
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    Didnt know I had to send off my money and pay for nursing license before I can get them. Could that be part of the reason why I havent heard from the BON yet? So I mailed off my payment today. I had actually sent my letter off without paying for it two weeks ago explaining what had happened. So Should I send the letter off again today although I just sent the payment off today??? Any suggestions??
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    IMO it could not hurt to send the letter again, and include a little explanation of why your payment was delayed.

    Best of luck.
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    Starting to get extremely worried now... cause its taking a while to get my license.Kinda upset because i sent off the forms wrong the first time which suck.. but i sent off the payment for my license tuesday. & just mailedoff the forms the right way on monday...so now im just stuck waiting because my job is ready to move up to a LPN and i cant do nothing be wait because i cant do nothing for them until i have my license. Praying that the BON issues me a license very soon.#Stressing
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    Called and checked on my application status and the are in the process of reviewing it.. hopefully they come to a decision quite soon and grant me my license... and finally all of my anxiety will be relieved !! Praying everyday ! staying positive Lord Lnows..

    So after constantly calling the BON of IL about my license looks like im going to have to get my juvenile record expunged ! Ive been waitng for about 2 months ... So filing a petition tomorrow! Getting my license very soon.
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    Merging this thread with your previous one for the sake of continuity.

    Hope you receive good news soon!

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