Unreported conviction on application for CA BRN

  1. Hi everyone,I hope someone here can help shed some light. I took my nclex over 2 weeks ago and have not seen my name posted on the BRN yet. My friend took hers a week after I did and a license number posted within 2 days on the Ca BRN. I am worrying why I haven't seen anything yet. According the the PVT trick I got the "good pop up." My concern is that I did not think to report a musadventure of a shop lifting incident I had from the age of 12. Does the BRN allow you an ATT to sit for the NCLEX if your application have red flags ( due to things unreported properly)??? Would my application be considered fraudulent? If so, what is the next step? Thank you to anyone who can help
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    If you failed to report something that the BRN stated should be reported...then yes, they could consider your application as being fraudulent even if your intentions were innocent. More info about what should have been reported can be found here:
    Board of Registered Nursing - License Discipline and Convictions

    In addition, the fact that they allowed you to sit for the NCLEX doesn't mean that they'll automatically grant you a license when you pass...especially if they found out about your record on their own and not from you.

    IMO, your best next step is to seek the advice of an attorney before contacting the BRN, as the BRN is not the nurse's friend. But it seems pretty clear that if you want to be licensed in CA, you're going to have to talk to the BRN to get this sorted out.

    Best of luck.
    To my understanding offenses committed when you where a minor are not supposed to be disclosed.
  5. by   Philly183
    Wow, thanks for the replies. @ Meriwhen- this link was incredibly helpful! I did not need to disclose this information to the BRN after all. @ Lady vengeance1- I would like to look more into this. Where can I find this information and what state are you pertaining to? I plan on calling the BRN Monday. Hopefully I'll get some information.
  6. by   krob0729
    i didn't exactly have the best record as a juvenile, but, luckily by the age of 17 i got my head on straight. Here in Tx, i was only told to report anything after the age of 18. Juvy records are supposed to be sealed, from my understanding.