U Can become a RN with Crim. Hx..I'm Proof

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    Hello allnurses.com over the past few months I have been reading these threads secretly anticipating the decision of my application from the ABN. Quick history when I was 17 I got into a fight and I was jumped by 3 girls. I was damaged physically & mentally that i decided to go back and retaliate on 1 of the girls. That incident almost cost me my life I was charged as an adult for a Class C Felony Aggravated Assault (2003) with a deadly weapon. I received 4 yrs probation, 1600 community service, and court cost. I decided to go to college where I earned a bachelor's degree in Biology, and then I joined the army. I planned on becoming a Dr., but the army presented Nursing where they would pay for it. I jumped on the opportunity I had trouble getting into nursing school, but I was persistent. I failed some of my classes, and the Hesi which pushed me to graduate a yr later. In May I applied for my license, in July I had a meeting, and now Nov I am available to test with a temporary license. My advice for anyone is to be honest to the Board, put your trust in God, have faith that if he brought you to finish nursing school he won't leave you. I understand your pain it's hard...I was unemployed for 6 months. Quit stressing over a situation you can't handle. I didn't take a lawyer with me to the Board meeting..I held my head up high yes I made a terrible mistake but my resume Now speaks volumes. My license has 1 restriction that when performing complex skills, the RN must be physically present to provide guidance, direction, and evaluation. That is expected because I'm a new grad. So to all of you in my situation..I hope u can see the light and the end of the tunnel! I wish I could say I did this on my own but I was nothing but God. To God give the Glory! Amen
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  3. by   BradRN
    I believe that certain crimes make it more difficult to become an RN. I would think the board is more concerned with those who have drug charges against them and theft. A big area of nursing that hurts many RN's is drug abuse. I graduated with a girl who was great in school, clinically intelligent but when she started working with me on a cardiac unit after school she came in "high" several times and administration took her off the floor before she started her shift one day because she couldnt even keep her head up during shift report. She was forced to go take a drug screen in the lab. She refused and quit that day. My point is she didn't have any criminal history, so this rule does not always predict which nurses will be capable of such a demanding job.
  4. by   miako141
    Did your history stop you from being able to do clinicals at all during the program?
  5. by   wants2bnurse
    This gives me hope.. in 2009 I got in a verbal spat with a neighbor because he screamed at my 5 year old son playing in our own yard.. he told the police I threatened him and took me to court. I was found Not Guilty and this is the only trouble I have ever gotten into.. not even any speeding tickets! I am so worried this silly thing will keep me from being a nurse or getting a job, even though I was Not Guilty.
  6. by   FLmomof5

    For most states, you are asked if you have any criminal CONVICTIONS (to include those with adjudication withheld, dropped via PTI (pre-trial intervention), and those sealed or expunged....your answer would be "NO". You have NO convictions.

    *IF* and only if you are asked "have you ever been *charged*" would you answer yes. Honestly, if I had the money, I would take a BON to court for judging a person who was arrested but had charges dropped or the person was found not guilty. Which part of INNOCENT until PROVEN Guilty do they not understand?!?!?!?!?
  7. by   backtowork
    Agree totally with FLmom...way too much power put in the hands of cops to arrest,,then let the courts sort it out..it is the arrest that kills us with the board and prospective employers. Where there is smoke..there is fire..right?? No sir, this is not always the case. The BON conveniently disregards our constitutional right to be innocent until proven guily. But that is not our reality..if you were arrested, you can go to court, be found not guilty, get it expunged, etc. It is always the damn arrest record that keeps popping up.
  8. by   Blessed2BeARN
    Sorry im soo late! I didnt have a problem with clinicals! Im glad i give you hope wants2bRN continue to go
    After your dreams i take Nclex April 24 wish me luck!
  9. by   GatorUF
    Hey Blessed2BeARN, I wanted to ask you what state you did your clinicals in? I am currently going through some difficulty as my school is a bit concerned with my past as it involves an adjudication withheld that lead to a year of probation without a conviction. If you can please give some insight of any clinical and possible employment issues or achievements you may had had, it would be great. It is always inspirational reading such great stories. My the Lord continue to bless you.