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by txrnhopeful

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Hello All, Here is my story: back in 2001 I was arrested for a dirty/unclean/fictitious license plate (was selling my car, and the person I sold it to put a registration sticker on the car that did not in fact belong on my... Read More

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    Referring to my questions posted, does anyone know if I can apply to Oklahoma or another non-compact state while Texas is doing their investigation?
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    Update: I got my ATT and my GN from TX BON finally! And it was 3 months from start to finish, from the initial Letter from the BON to my GN permit!
    Now, on to my NCLEX!
    Thanks all!
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    Was it 3 months from the inital application or from the day you were sent to enforcement?

    I was just sent to enforcement. I have been reading different blogs on this website and it looks like its 50/50 on it being quick or taking forever. Did anyone just have MIPs on their record?! I am wondering if that is usually quick or not.
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    Currently dealing with same issue. I graduated 12-12 and after all paperwork sent to tx BON I recieved a letter stating I needed to send court documents and a hand written letter discussing incident. I thought since the charge occurred in 2000 when I was 18 and now 2013 @ 30 y/o it wouldn't be passed on to further investigation but it was.

    Now I was told to wait a minimum of 4 months to I hear back anything.

    The charge was "tampering with evidence" = I tore up a document when I was arrested.

    I have no idea what to do for money, living expenses nor what to expect. I hope it all gets processed and I can move on with the rest of my class and pass my NCLEX and find a job!!!

    so frustrating!