TPAPN, what does it entail?

  1. Hey all. Almost exactly four years ago I got a DWI. In 2002 I was charged with possession of adderall but it was dismissed. In a year and a half I will have my BSN and sit for my nursing exam.
    Here is the kicker. It was so difficult to get the BON to clear me to simply sit for the exam and once I pass I will have restrictions on my license. However, I can't get a clear answer from anyone on what I can expect. I know that each case is judged differently but I was also told by a nurse that I may have to do 2 years in this program and for the first 6 months I won't be able to administer medication.
    So my question is.....what can I expect as a newly licensed RN on TPAPN? Length of program, restrictions, finding a job etc. Thanks.
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    RNwannabe, look through the posts in Nurses/Recovery section. Many people are in TPAPN. Good luck!!