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  1. I just received a letter from the TBON Examination Department and I have a few questions for anyone who's had experience with this situation.

    I received a short letter from TBON stating that they have approved me for the NCLEX exam (provided I notify them that I'm taking my NCLEX prior to graduation and submit the standard fee). I have waited for months -since November- for a final determination and start an ADN program this fall and am set to graduate (if accepted) in 2016. I received a DWI about five years ago and it will be about 7 years since I was arrested when I graduate. I'm curious to know when I will find out if I have restrictions placed on my license or will have to enroll in TPAP? Would they have told me in this letter??? I'm very nervous and this has caused a lot of heartache and stress and re-living of the past (which, I'm sure I deserve). I was young, dumb and downright stupid and have tried to be very proactive with this process because nursing is my passion. However, since the letter was so short and it didn't leave a "contact if you have questions" or anything of the like, I'm sort of concerned as to what comes/happens next. I don't quite feel like I'm out of the woods yet- so to speak. A part of me wants to be excited that this is promising but the other part of me still wants to hold its breath. Any experience with this part of the process?

    Also, on a similar note, what happens if I pursue travel nursing? Do I have to complete this process of every single state I have an opportunity to work in? This has taken so many months and I'm wondering if travel nursing is actually a possibility with my mess-up? Anyone have any experience with that aspect?
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  3. by   returnednurse
    They usually make you take Jurisprudence course in person and work on 1 year restriction, like no floating, no staffing companies, another RN present, etc. I don't think so about the TPAPN but, the tPapn people are very nice and open to questions so maybe call them for answers.
  4. by   reyna33o48
    New SRN, when you applied to take NCLEX application, I'll assume you informed them of the DUI. On that pretense, when you received approval notification there would have also been stipulations. Frankly, I'm surprised there were not, at the very least they would've stipulated ethics and jurisprudence courses to complete within a certain time period. The BON is as you may already be aware, is strict and with good reason. I hope this helped out and wish you all the best especially if you are passionate and determined to become a nurse.