Starting LPN Program At ATS Chicago With Criminal History

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    Hi..... I'm gonna make this as brief as possible. I'm 23yrs old but considering starting lpn school at ATS Chicago but In January 2013 I was charged in Indiana with a Class D felony for theft and I pled guilty to it because I accepted a plea bargain that stated in the probation agreement that as long as I completed all terms of probation and stayed out of trouble I could petition to get the new indiana felony law treatment which is Class D felony get converted into Class A misdemeanor. Well I'll be off of probation March 2014 and am pretty sure my D felony will be reduced to a class a misdemeanor so I'm planning to move to Chicago, IL to attend ATS for my Lpn license August 2014. Now my questions are, Is ATS a good school to attend for Lpn and my other question is, Do you think with the school's FBI check policy I would still be considered for the program and accepted to do and complete clinicals?.... Thanks for any feedback or advice.
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    And FBI background check?
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    Quote from BuckyBadgerRN
    And FBI background check?
    Yes, An FBI Background Check. It's Explained On The ATS Website. It Also Says If You Already Have A Felony To Immediately Withdraw. A Class A Misdemeanor Isn't Considered A Felony So I Just Need Some Input On My Situation.

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