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Soon to graduate Student with prior DUI in Ohio

  1. 0 Hello All,
    I am graduating from a BSN program in Ohio this spring. The irony in this case is that I plead no-contest to a DUI misdemeanor 6 years ago and paid a relatively small fine, attended a 3-day DUI class, and 6-month drivers license suspension. No other vehicles were involved, no one was injured, no malice, and there was no property damage. This took place even before I had even thought about a career change into nursing from the business field.. When I applied to the nursing school 3-1/2 years ago, I was required to be fingerprinted and have background checks performed by both Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (OBCI & I) AND the FBI. The results came back with "NO CRIMINAL HISTORY RECORD" from both agencies. As I prepare to apply for the NCLEX and OH state RN licensure, I am having mixed emotions about whether to implicate myself on the app., admit the misdemeanor infraction, or first consult a specialized attorney. I have NEVER in my life, other than this incident, swayed from being a lawful citizen. If I convey this information to the BON, will I be denied the opportunity for licensure? If anyone can offer some advice in my situation, I would greatly appreciate it. - CM
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    First congrats on your upcoming graduation.

    Unfortunately, we can't provide the info you request - its up to the BON.

    However, it is always best to be upfront and honest - if you have this on your record somewhere, believe me, it will surface at some point. Good luck.
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    Thanks TraumaRUs,
    I do, in fact, intend on declaring this incident. Another example of how a past error in personal judgement will/may come back to bite or haunt you.- cm