Rn to fNP criminal history

  1. 0 I've been an RN for about 10yrs. 8 yrs ago during a one time Springer moment, i was convicted of family violence. Ive since reported it on a RN renewal with no problem. I was applying this morning for my TX APN and it says "you may exclude class c traffic violations or offenses previously Disclosed to the TBN on an initial or renewal license application.". If I check yes in the box it says 3-6months for approval. My question is: ive reported this to the Tx BN for RN, but not for an initial APN license. Should i check yes, and have to wait months, or check no and get it in a couple weeks. I have a feeling if i just call and get a beurocrat on the phone they will automatically say, send in the paperwork and wait. What do you think?
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    FNP is advanced practice level. I would check yes, and send in documentation so that you are fully disclossing issue --nothing to hold you up later down the road due to "failure to disclose" issues. Expect that your ANP license may be granted more quickly than 3-6 months since they have records on file.

    Best wishes on moving into this advanced role.

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