Reporting traffic violations on my application for licensure

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    Hey all,

    I'm filling out my application for licensure, I graduate in May, and am wondering about the traffic violation letter I need to write. I have to traffic violations I need to report, one for speeding and one for running a red light, both fines were over $300.

    The instructions say to cite the section of the law violated, court location, sanctions and penalties, basically lots of information I don't have and am not sure applies to me. I got a ticket, I paid by mail, end of story.

    Has anybody else had to write a letter like this? How detailed were you? How much info do they really want or are they just wanting to hear that you are sorry and a way safer driver now?
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    I had to for a traffic whatever I think it's stupid! But I kept it super simple just explained what happened got all the documents from the courthouse & everything was fine I don't think they care for it to be detailed cause mine wasnt

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