Renewing License in PA with simple assault charge

  1. I never in a million years thought I would need to seek advice on this subject, but here it goes:

    As background, I lost my mom a few months ago. Then, a few days before this situation happened someone else that I know passed away. And it hit me hard. Not making any excuses for what follows but I just want to put that out there. I have no past run ins with the law.

    So, I was driving my kids to school, and as we got closer to school, my teenager started instigating with my 8 year old. She was told numerous times to knock it off and she just kept going. Things escalated and we are now arguing as I am on school property. I told her to give me her phone and she refused. Livid, I told her again to give me the phone and she again refused. We are now just about in front of the school and out of nowhere I smacked her. And she hit me back. I can not explain to you how out of character this is for us. Regardless, I saw red, drove over to the side parking lot with her still in the car, parked, went over to her side of the car and started smacking her. Needless to say, teachers saw it, came over, pulled me away and she went into school. The principal came out and informed me she called the cops. So the cops come, interview me, interview my daughter, she has a scratch on her neck and they put me in handcuffs and take me to the station. I am charged with simple assault. The cop asks my daughter if she wants to go to her father's house and she says no. She wants to come home to my house. Because what has happened is so ridiculous and out of character. I came home, we talked and 2 hours later you would never have known anything happened.

    Anyway, Child Services was called. They came out to the school the next day and talked to her. Then they had to come to my house to talk to me. The rep said that typically the school would call CFS and if CFS deemed it necessary (that's not the word I'm looking for, but it escapes me), then CFS would call the cops and an arrest would be made. She said that in this case, the cops never would have been called. So, they pretty much opened and closed the case on the same day. No child abuse. But now I have to go to court to answer to the charges of assault. So I go to court and the judge says if I pay a fine and take anger management classes then the charge will be reduced to harassment which is a summary offense. However, my next hearing is not until mid October. My license expires 10/31. I need to answer the following question on my renewal request:

    Since your initial application or last renewal, whichever is later, have you been convicted, found guilty or pleaded nolo contendere, or received probation without verdict, or accelerated rehabilitative disposition(ARD) as to any felony or misdemeanor, including any drug law violations, or do you have any criminal charges pending and unresolved in any state or jurisdiction? You are not required to disclose any ARD or other criminal matter that has been expunged by order of a court.

    Do I have to answer this question as "yes"? And then what happens? I'm so afraid I'm not going to get my license renewed because I freaked out one time.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    this is going to be best answered by an attorney who is experienced with your local board of nursing.