Recieved approval to take Nclex , but now delayed due to criminal past?

  1. 0 Hello I recently graduated from LVN school and applied to take my Nclex and was approved in September. I registered for the Nclex (I am taking it on October 9th) but today I recieved a letter stating that I need to send a detailed hand written letter of my misdemeanor (unlawful sex with a minor ) and until further evaluation my application approval will be delayed. I am extremely confused because I do have a previous letter stating that I was approved, and now I am not ? Also, does this mean I have a chance being denied my license ? Do they ask this of all applicants with misdemeanors? I have been up all night stressing because I need to pay off my 30,000 loan and I'm scared this will cause a huge delay in my approval or even worse my denial of my license... I have had that misdemeanor expunged , and I fully disclosed it to the board with my initial application.... I'm so worried , please help!!
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