Plz plz respond employed w/misdemeanor shoplifting

  1. Hi! Im a 23 year old with four kids all under the age of 5 right now! Back in 2010 i was caught shoplifting under 50 dollars! We had hit hard times and had just had my third child and needed food! But im trying find out if anyone out there had been hired with a misdemeanor like mine at a ltc facilitiy!
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    A lot will depend on the employer. What capacity are you looking at being employed?
  4. by   Nmamaj88
    I just want to become a cna and work at a ltc facility. And i also would like to add that the outcome for my case was a prayer for judgement meaning within three years after this charge i would be able to get it off of my record if i refrained from any other criminal activity and i have but I REALLY NEED A JOB NOW I CANT WAIT UNTIL OCT '13
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