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nurse with consent order

  1. 0 Hi I currently live in Connecticut and my license was suspended while an investigation was performed. My case had nothing to due with a substance abuse or diversion of drugs, it involved the way I was practicing. I had since completed several courses, as well as volunteer work. After all was said and done after about a year of my license being suspended they contacted my attorney and a consent agreement was signed stating I will be on probation with no restrictions. Now I noticed whenever I apply to positions I'm not even given the time of day as soon as they find out about my discipline. My question is has anyone who has had a discipline on their license been able to find a job? Also I would like to finish obtaining my RN, will this discipline carry onto my RN license?
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    In my experience, employers are very wary of hiring anyone with significant blotches on their professional practice record, no matter how much time has elapsed. But there is a variation in how states handle this... whether they maintains a 'permanent record' or whether they purge records/events after a specific time period.