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  1. I just graduated LVN school.. yay. I miss school so much to be honest. I enjoyed clinicals. Now my extra time is starting to eat at me should I say. The fact is I do have a criminal history. I was arrested and convicted of domestic volience back in 99. Even though, I wasn't the one who was being violent. I didn't leave the situation so both parties envolved were taken to jail. I learned a very valuable lession. Its best to leave a heated discussion and come back at a later time to talk things out like an adult. I was 19 at the time. It is fortunate that this doesn't show up on any back ground checks that I have done in past. I have been able to purchase fire arms. However, I still disclosed this information to the board. In 2007, I was arrested for posession of majuanua. Which was later dismissed due to the fact. I was driving another person's vehicle. I didn't know it was in the car until of course the smell overwhelmed the vehicle after opening the glove department. I did give the police officer the right to search,&nbsp;because it wasn't my vehicle and I just borrowed it. I didn't think to ask the person do you have any drugs in the car?&nbsp;Silly me,&nbsp;but ever since&nbsp;I have made it a point to ask before driving or riding with anyone.&nbsp;I got a lawyer faught the case. I underwent a hair follicle test. It came back negative therefore all charges were dropped. I did send&nbsp;all information with a explaination letter to the arkansas board of nursing&nbsp;. I do take full responiblity of both charges because I know I could have done better. I use them as learning tools of what not to do ever again. I&nbsp;share&nbsp;my past mistakes to even help others from making the same.&nbsp;&nbsp;I know that there is no definate answer to the question, if I will get my license or not. I am writing on here to see if anyone has any success stories that are simular to mine to share. I am getting worried because I do know that my background check came back positive for criminal history. Now the sit and wait process. I pray that I will be given that chance to do something that isn't just a career job for me, nursing is something I feel I was born to do. <br><br>any stories will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I can't offer you any legal advice, but I'm reasonably sure that if you made it through LPN school you're going to be able to work as a nurse. For one thing, if you haven't been charged with or convicted of anything more serious than a traffic violation in the past few years, the BON will probably consider you rehabilitated and you'll get a license once you pass the NCLEX-PN. For another, what you do have on your 'rap sheet' are misdemeanors, and those will come off the record after 5-10 years (depends on the state).

    You do have to disclose these things to the BON when you apply for a license, but as long as you explain what happened and how you have changed your life to avoid similar incidents, you should be good to go. Best of luck to you in your career!
  4. by   loriwants2banurse
    thanks you so much for your positive comments. I know no one can give me legal advise on here. I am determined and willing to do what it takes. I just need to deal with these patiences of mine.. hehehe... the sit and wait game itsn't fun. I am going to go do some volunteer work for the hosptials and school. I am going to keep positive and busy. I think its just to much time on my hands right now playing a big part in my worries. I just graduated 2 weeks ago. And I really do miss it. I choose to register to this site.. just for support and to offer support. It seems to have some really good information on here and alot of caring members who have already been through the same and are now working nurses. thanks again. Hope you have a good weekend.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm glad you're here, Lori! This is a great site for new AND 'used' nurses alike---there's lots of support and good information, as well as something for everyone in the Break Room. I hope you enjoy posting here and that you'll stay for a long time to come.
  6. by   motivatedlilly
    I'm still so confused myself. You said you plan to volunteer at a hospital and I am wondering if you would have to disclose your record. My theft misdemeanor has been expunged, but i am worried when I become a nurse If I have to disclose my record to hospitals or nursing home employers. I have been told yes by some and no by others. Someone also told me that if you are going to be fingerprinted(fbi) then to disclose your record because it will come up for sure. I think they even fingerprint when you volunteer at a hospital as well. This is sad for me because I have to work in a hospital to become a CRNA and this has been my life and career goal. Please keep us updated on your progress! I wish you well and good luck with everything
  7. by   CaliBoy760
    Viva is right in saying that if you passed the background check to get in to nursing school then you will probably be alright as far as getting a license. I had to provide court documents showing that a conviction had been expunged and then wait for a decision as well. I think that it is safe to say that unless the conviction is directly related to patient care, i.e. Elder Abuse, then the state has a vested interest in you becoming a nurse based on that pesky two year fee for your license. I wouldn't sweat it...
  8. by   GodsLVN
    I just want to say loriwants2banurse, there is hope, Have faith not in man, but in God to turn things around for you, I too had a domestic violence case in 07, and 2 other cases in 98. I started LVN school, and was sent the letter from BVNPT that after passing NCLEX in May 12, I would have to wait until they completed their investigations, which took literally 7 months, there were times when I wanted to give up and cry because of the time I had put into school, but I learned who my life belonged to and that no one could stop what God had intended for me to have, needless to say I am a licensed LVN, not because of man's decision, but because of who I trusted and believed in, what is impossible with others all things are possible with Jesus, I hope and pray you shall have the same testimony!!!!