New Employment w/ Hx of DUI

  1. Hi! I'm a new grad registered nurse who recently found employment! I am so thrilled but still holding my breath because I have to go through the background check and hiring process. I received a DUI in 2012 and have finished all my requirements (paying fees, classes, aa, interlock device, etc). I got my RN license from CA BON with no restrictions and I listed te DUI on the application clearly and honestly. However I am still afraid that this will hinder me from official employment once the background check comes back. A part of me is afraid the recruiter overlooked it and will be like "oops didn't see that..." when the background check comes back and recind their offer. Thoughts? I would very much appreciate it!!!!
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  3. by   amestar1234
    I would also love to hear the answer to this question. However, my concerns go deeper, my DUI is from 2007, will be 6 years by the time I take my NCLEX and attempt to get my license from Illinois. I am warned that I should hire a big time lawyer and be ready for a fight. Is this true? Should I wait to hear back before I act? Should I send in all of my legal papers showing I followed through everything perfectly from the beginning?

    Just trying to move forward in my life! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   DavidKarl
    Lawyers DO NOT have the ability to challenge the BON, read all these posts before you make a costly decison, however. My advice, which runs contrary to advice from a HR person, is to flat out ask a potential employer if your DUI, or whatever, is an automatic barrier to employment with them. Why waste your time, if eventually the question comes, and you are then rejected? Get it over with. As an example, for example- read job postings on CL. Some state 'must clear a background check', which doesn't tell you what they mean. Some say 'must have a clear criminal background'. I decided to email a sampling of job ads from CA (using my real name, so they can instantly verfiy my license online, and to be totally transparent): "I have a clear nursing license, but with a DUI from 2010 (CA BON did not take adverse action against me, they sent me a warning letter not to do it again or I might be discplined- I got in under the gun, since in 2012 the court ruled that a first tiime DUI can be grounds to automatically revoke a nursing license).
    Is my DUI an automatic barrier to employment at your facility?". Most did not respond, which I take to mean my DUI is a problem. One said 'a DUI is not a barrier to employment here'. One said 'not necessarily'. Another said 'come in and fill out an application'. Naturally, before I apply anywhere, I'll apply to a place that tells me directly that my DUI will not be a problem.