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  1. I'd like to start out by first saying hello to all, this is my first post so forgive me if I've put it in the wrong section or make any other like mistakes within. That being said, I am currently attending a CNA program and will be graduating shortly (NOV 16 2011) following the graduation date, I will be taking my CNA state exam on the 21st of NOV. However, I have a few minor charges which I immediately notified the BON about upon beginning school & have recently received a letter that brought me some concern. The letter is from the BON and is requesting a number of things concerning my prior convictions and the circumstances surrounding them. I am not particularly worried that these convictions will prevent me from being certified as a nursing assistant, I am however a little unsure of how to go about explaining these instances in question in a way that wont end up causing me more problems. I guess what I'm asking of those who respond is basically your experience, knowledge and whatever other relevant input you may have that may be of some use to me or others in this situation. Thank you for reading!!

    Criminal Record:

    11-22-99 Vandalism: Defacing Property
    01-29-01 Giving Officer Fake registration
    10-04-06 Disorderly Conduct\ Public Intoxication\Obstructing an Officer
    11-13-09 Disorderly Conduct\ Under the influence controlled substance (this arrest was actually in 2007,
    the conviction wasn't until 2009)

    So thats everything Once again thank you for your time...
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  3. by   Rob72
    I sincerely hope these can be attributed to "youthful indiscretion". Bear in mind, if you write a mea culpa, and say that your ways are mended, you pretty well better be born again and truly saved, 'cause if new convictions come before the Board, you'll be in a world of hurt.

    I can come up with something for you to base your personal experiences on, but if you aren't living clean, free & reformed, it will absolutely be something the Board will wave in your face, saying, "How dare you!!!", while shredding your license.

    Just a suggestion for a moment of introspection, if you want me to send/post something. LMK...
  4. by   carrie_c
    My advice is to just state the facts. State what all lead up to the arrests. Don't make excuses for your behavior, accept full responsibilty for your actions and state that in the letter. I wouldn't be very vague, but I also wouldn't go into a lot of detail either. State the facts and keep it at that. Tell them that you have complied with all the court's orders, completed probation, made restitution, paid fines, etc. Also tell them what all you have done to improve your life, going to school, making certain grades, staying out of trouble, etc. Tell them that you know you made mistakes. It would probably also help if you had some letters of reference from a teacher or boss. You will probably also have to get certified copies of the judgements. You can get them at your court house. Good luck!
  5. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    Under the influence of a controlled substance..... ouch! Ummm, well what the OP said, I hope this was d/t to youth and being young and dumb, as the phrase goes. Be truthful and honest. Explain how you have improved and what you did. Did you seek counseling? Have you been working with a professional that they can contact to discuss how your treatment is going. Have you read self help books.... etc.

    The big thing you need to demonstrate is that you have grown as an individual and that you will be safe to be around.

    I wish you luck!!