NCLEX application in TX, can I change to OK?

  1. I don't want to duplicate my earlier post, so I won't tell all the details, but here's my situation followed by my question. I was arrested eleven years ago and immediately released (license/registration issue) and it never went to court. I checked "no" on the criminal background part of the NCLEX application here in Texas. When I graduated from nursing school in May I got a letter saying I was being sent to enforcement and it would take 6 months. So my question: can I change my NCLEX application from Texas to Oklahoma, and send in all my info (statement, court doc, etc) to the Oklahoma BON? I have a job offer, they are holding it for me, but they may not be able to hold it until December...any advice or insight, or even opinions are welcomed. Thanks everyone!
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    I know you stated that there was no court case, but was wondering if you have actually sat NCLEX yet? The posts I have seen all have been from people who have sat NCLEX and waiting for results to find their file has been forwarded to enforcement. If you have already sat NCLEX then I think you may find issues changing states without an answer from Texas but the ones probably best to ask is OK state BON
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    No, I have not received my GN or my ATT to test for the NCLEX yet. They told me I will wait 4-6 months to get an answer, the last time I called the Board. Does not having my NCLEX yet change the situation any?
    I agree, I need to contact the OK BON. As soon as I have time to, I will. I hate waiting, and I want to call the TX BON to see the status of my investigation, but they get upset telling me they can't tell me anything and that "YOU MUST WAIT FOUR MONTHS"...I obviously do not know how to work with the Board. Any suggestions on that as well?