Moving to California with 2008 assault

  1. 0 I am moving to California from with mis assault 2008 will this affect additional school and licensed thru reciprocity
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    Quote from hotoven
    I am moving to California from with mis assault 2008 will this affect additional school and licensed thru reciprocity
    Yes it will. It is up to the state to accept or deny you licensure. You will have to write a letter and your case will go up for peer review before a license is issued. It can take at least 6-8 weeks for FBI to process your finger prints, even if you do live scan. But with a conviction, it will take even longer. I would apply for licensure before I made a move that would suck not to be able to practice in California after you've moved.
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    Thank you BluntForce. IF got the license would it be hidden restrictions and If i got the license would I be able to continue with advanced schooling. In ohio I cannot continue wiht advance nursing schooling. God I dont want to say this; my parents are aging, Im gonna have to take care of them and im gonna have to make money at the same time. One parent has IBM the other BC.
    I'll just gonna need an outlet besides between shifts to take car of them. they took care of me so quid pro quo

    In Ohio i was given a full unrestricted but I cant be a direct care provider for children and those over 60. When I get employed the employer dosnt even understand, but after I explain it they understand.

    anyways thank you again and if you would shop this question around to your friends I would appreciate it.
    If I get a full license to practice in California are there hidden restrictions with it?
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    PS Bluntforce
    I will take all that you have said and apply. I don't have to relocate for another year or so. I have some time. Im starting the process now. 17 years of serving is why I was given latitude with the conviction.
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    Hi, Im wondering if you have been able to use your nursing license / reciprocity? im being charged the same as yours but in texas.. did you have to report it to the board? thanks and hoping for your response..

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