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I need advice on what to do. I have court tomorrow and most likely I will have a felony charge (drug possession) against me as the first thing on my clean (not anymore) criminal... Read More

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    Does anybody in the state of Ohio,actively working as an LPN,have a past felony conviction?

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    hi, dont sweat it. You will definitely find work with a background if you havent already. im here in illinois as well and i KNOW seven nurses who are LPN and RN's that have felonies. My ex girlfriend mother has been to prison twice with two counts of felony charges. she works in LTC as where most LPN's reside. she been working since 2001 with a background. The other nurses have a bit more severe record than this. you might have to do additional paperwork.....all in all you should be able to find work.
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    Thank you for your response,too bad I don't live in Illinois,I live in Ohio and have been told something about House Bill 160 prohibiting convicted felons from working in LTC.I still haven't heard from anybody in Ohio working with a felony conviction.Illinois is looking real good!
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    I wish u luck, i really do...healthcare needs to give convicted people a chance. we are only human and we all need to be given a second change. people do change.
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    Yes we do change,all thestupid things I did when I was younger I wish I could take them back bu I cant and its now March and Itill dont have a job as a LPN,is it Ohio?
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    Did you find a job with the charges?

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