LPN license revoked in Ohio.... Can I get licensed in Ky?

  1. Hi Everyone. I stumbled upon this site and am quite excited about it Got a question: My LPN was permanently revoked in Ohio 2009. I obtained my license in 2003. I failed a drug screen for marijuana in 2005 & was reported to the board. They placed me on discipline and required me to sign a "consent agreement". The agreement required me to submit to random screens & supervisor reports etc. Due to family and personal health issues & simply not being responsible about work, The OBN decided to permanently revoked my license to practice. I never failed a random screen or was charged or convicted of anything. Do I stand a chance at getting licensed in KY?? Any suggestions, advice, etc would be MUCH appreciated!
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    Well you will have to ask their BON. I don't think it will be an easy road though. I would get ahold of a lawyer ASAP and see if there is anything you can do to get your OH license back. Good luck..
  4. by   ariesdragonfly
    Thanks I contacted a lawyer in 2010... a few actually. They wouldn't take the case because they said they couldn't win it. Again, d/t statue of limitations I contacted the Ky BON... they basically said to pay the fee, send a letter with the discipline documentation & hope for the best. They made it sound like it could go either way... depending on the "mood" of the board members.
    Just wondering because I've read alot on here about other revoked nurses getting their licenses back and they were charged, convicted, etc....
  5. by   lpncal
    Sounds like your only recourse is to do what the Ky BON told you to do. You could apply for a license here in Hawaii. I think its the weed capital of America. Probably 50% of healthcare workers probably smoke pot. The BON here might be more lenient. Finding a job, on the other hand, might prove more difficult. Good luck to you.
  6. by   minnymi
    i would send in the papers like the board suggested, but along with them i would send in a certificate showing that you completed a drug rehab program and a formal letter redeeming yourself.

    i'm sure you can sign up for a program where you have to attend classes and pay a fee of a couple hundred dollars or less and get a certificate saying you completed the program.

    i know someone who was on probation for legal troubles (not a nurse) who had to go through a class like this. find one. that's what i would do.

    otherwise, they see on paper that you're a "drug user" and a non-compliant one at that. if you go through a program it shows that you made an effort to change. it's all a bunch of formalities.