Louisiana State Board of Nursing

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    I am wondering if anyone has dealt with the LSBN?
    I've a few old criminal charges and have not yet heard back from the LSBN for a final decision. I am barred from entering clincals until I do.

    They have already set me back a year in my pursuit of a BSN desgree.

    If they allow me to proceed, what might they ask of me?
    Will they put me on a sort of "probation"? Will they require a psychological evaluation?

    Any experience with these extremely slow working, uncaring and incompetent jerks?


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    Welcome to AN!

    I have moved your thread for best response. we have many members here who can help you. This is a moderated forum so there will be a delay in postings.

    I wish you the best.
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    Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the LSBN. BONs tend to move slowly when it comes to these things.

    Also, keep in mind that what the BON decides and what your school decides may be two very different things. The BON may end up being fine with your criminal record. However, your school may still prevent you from doing clinical. That's because your criminal record has to satisify the requirements of the facilities which you are doing clinical at. If the site won't let you do clinicals and your school can't find an alternative site where you can do then, you will be stuck.

    Are you sure the delay is with the BON and not the school/clinical site?

    Best of luck.
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    I have. Email me at bharold11@yahoo.com.

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