Licensure with battery arrest

  1. Hi, I'm getting ready to submit my CNA application to BON however I have been arrested only once for battery. The case was dropped, I never pleaded guilty nor was there amy conviction. I only have the arrest on my record. My question is absolutely neccessary to disclose this to the BON? Has anyone obtained their liscense without disclosing this kind of information. please shed some light to this issue. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   cokorose
    Definitely disclose the information. They will find it anyway and then if you didn't tell them first you would appear to be dishonest. If you tell them first you can at least explain yourself. Good luck.
  4. by   Sun0408
    What does the application say?? If it asks have you ever been arrested, I would be truthful. They will find out the truth one way or another and many times they do their own background check. When they find out, you will be in hot water with the BON.

    A friend of mine was arrested about 10 years ago, never checked it on the application. The board did find out and her license was suspended.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    You need to read the application and answer honestly. Not all applications ask the same questions. If the application asks, "Have you ever been arrested?" then you need to answer yes. If the application only asks, "Have you ever been convicted?" then you can answer no.

    At the end of the application, you have to sign that all the information is accurate and true and that you have not lied or withheld information. The BON is going to run a background check which will show your arrest. If they ask you about arrests and you do not disclose, they will find out anyway. If they find out that you were not honest on the application you could be automatically denied.