Is getting ATT mean I'm clear of background check?

  1. So I just got an ATT from PearsonVUE for my NCLEX today. Is that mean WA DOH approved my backgroundcheck? Or can DOH hold my license even if/when I pass my NCLEX? For those that had to answer YES to some of those background check questions on the application, please let me know how this process works.

    Either way, I guess now my next step is to start studying for my NCLEX and try to remember all that stuff I learned in school...
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  3. by   rskopek
    Unfortunately, getting your ATT does not mean you're free and clear, though it is definitely a good sign, it's no guarantee. Best recommendation is to call your state BON and ask what you should expect given your background. They can never tell you with absolute certainty, but should be able to give you a reasonable expectation. You should expect a delay in getting your license at the least as the department reviews your background and makes a determination.
  4. by   Katiebaby4848
    No, I got my ATT passed NCLEX paid for my license then received a lovely letter saying that I am prohibited from practicing, awesome.
  5. by   Tggrwilliams86
    Any word on the outcome of this thread I am n the exact same situation. I have mailed them all the info they requested though I don't know why something came up from 8 years ago and I wasn't even charged for it the case was dismissed, no jail, no fine, no probation, no nothing. If you were issued a license how long did the whole process take?