I want to go into nursing, however I'm unsure of this requirement..

  1. I'm currently a college student in Louisiana with a misdemeanor aggravated assault charge plaguing me. I want to get into nursing school and I have no idea if I can get this charge expunged because its a violence charge. I've googled this about a million times and nothing.
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    Moved to nursing license with a criminal history forum as this is not a topic relevant to nursing education/faculty (nursing instructors). Please note that this is a moderated forum and all posts must be reviewed by a staff member before becoming available for public view.

    have you tried contacting your prospective nursing school or reviewing their application requirements? You can also try contacting your state board of nursing, but be aware that the answer may be "it is on a case by case basis and we cannot advise you until we receive and review your application".

    Check out the other threads in this forum and you may find others in similar situations. Good luck.