I have a recent TRESPASSING Misdemeanor, will the BRN allow me to take the NCLEX? | allnurses

I have a recent TRESPASSING Misdemeanor, will the BRN allow me to take the NCLEX?

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    I am planning to re-take the NCLEX and send out my application to the BRN. The problem is I was handed a misdemeanor for trespassing charge in October 13, 2011 for something that occurred back in May 2011. It was originally a petty theft charge but the judge decreased it to a trespass charge, 12 months unsupervised probation, 5 days community service, a fine and to stay out of the store it occurred in.

    Since the decision, I have been volunteering, by choice, with a non-profit agency speaking to adult clients with HIV/AIDS and teenagers about health promotion at the same time teach them various skills in art. I have taken, on my own will, anti-theft classes which was completed successfully and I have also asked a dean from my school, a nurse and a cop to write letters support to show the BRN that I am a genuinely good person that have made a wrong decision. I have also paid the fine and completed my 5 days community service.

    Do you guys know how long will it take for the BRN to make a decision and whether or not I will be allowed to take the NCLEX? Is there anything else I can do to help my case at this point? How does the BRN handle such cases?

    Please advise.

    Thank you,
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    MOving to Nursing Licensure with Criminal History forum.
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    Unfortunately the BON keeps to its own timetable...so all you can really do is wait. Though it couldn't hurt to drop them a note to see if they've received all of your supporting paperwork and if they need anything else for you.

    Best of luck--I hope they rule in your favor!
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    Hi, I imagine that each board will do what they will do when they want to, and that will be nervewracking for you. I hope that they make their decision soon so that you can move on. Based on what you have told us, you'll will be a wonderful, caring nurse!