Help!!! New to nursing / prior felony / TPAPN

  1. Here is my situation! 10 years ago i committed a felony, it was for forgery. Due in part to my drug addiction. In 2009 I admitted myself to a treatment center, and have been clean and sober ever since. (almost 4 years) I petitioned the board of Nursing (Texas) and they in turn deemed me fit to go to nursing school. I have recently graduated from school and passed my LPN boards. Part of the stipulations with getting my license is that I have to register with TPAPN. I have already applied for a couple of jobs in the Dallas area, only to be turned down. Either for the criminal history, or for TPAPN. I am wondering if I am even going to find a job. Before you all say, well applying at only a couple of jobs does not equal defeat, i live in San Anotonio and I am relocating to the Dallas area. The true job search will begin in August after im settled in. Can anyone give me any advice as to where to begin? Any AA/NA specific meetings for health care professionals in the Dallas area? I have alot against me , and I know its going to be hard. But I am a fighter, and will not give up.
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  3. by   LockportRN
    With your history, I am wondering how you chose nursing? As healthcare professionals, we are regulated pretty strictly. It does sound like you have taken the right actions to be cleared by the board and that is a good first step.

    As far as getting a job, I am sorry but I can't help you there. I once tried to hire an experienced nurse with a history, for a job as a treatment nurse with no access to medications but the administrator said that I could 'absolutely' not hire her and that if I did, he would have to watch me closer!!

    There are other forums on this site that may be able to offer you better advice. Best of luck to you.

    PS. You may want to look into addictions nursing. Often, they will hire nurses that have a clear and documented clean time for the prior 2 years.
  4. by   wooh
    You may want to try to stay in San Antonio if possible. DFW is full of nursing schools, thus new grads (without restrictions) are a dime a dozen.
  5. by   Bettertheniuse2b
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am determined. I chose Nursing because that what I have always wanted to do. Just because I have a history does not make me a bad person, and does not mean that I do not have what it takes to be an awesome nurse. I have considered addiction nursing, and will check into that. Thank you again