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Georgia Policy For Convicted Felons

  1. 0 Convicted of a felony 14 years ago and that is the only conviction I have "Substanial Battery. Did 2 years probation and 90 days house arrest in my home. I am attending school to become a LPN in Wisconsin. I would like to relocate to Atlanta GA, soon after graduation and obtaining my license here. I notice from other websites are so it is difficult to get a job anything in Ga with a felony. Is everyone living there record clean because I notice a lot of prison, so why they don't have seconds. Does anyone know the rules in Ga to obtain your LPN license? Has anyone obtain a Nursing license there with a Felony.
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    I am in tennesse and I have looked into Georgia, but I am not sure of the specific rules. I do know that Georgia is very strict, they look at everything, not just convictions, but even arrests. The application asks for everything, even if you have only been arrested and not charged. But since it has been so long ago, I would think that would work in your favor.
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    I don't know about felonies, but I am soon to graduate in May. I was found guilty of misdemeanor affray (fighting) while my other two misdemeanors Disorderly conduct and criminal trespass were dismissed. I paid a $200 fine to the court and haven't been in trouble since. From what I have seen from the application, everything must be disclosed even the charges that were dismissed. But I have talked to all my instructors and they have all said they have never known any student even those with DUIs to go through problems getting their license UNLESS they lied on the app. They require a notarized statement of the events that led to the arrest and charges so I think as long as you tell your side and express that you are not about that life anymore then you probably won't have to go through a lot of hoops and hurdles.
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    Did they give you hard time getting your lpn im located in ga and have a charge 10 years old and hoping i can get into a class in ga
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    Quote from moca2016
    Did they give you hard time getting your lpn im located in ga and have a charge 10 years old and hoping i can get into a class in ga
    You should contact the GA BON in regards to getting licensed........ Getting into a program with a criminal record is not really an issue, the problem comes when you have to get a background check to go to the clinical sites. We lost a few people in my program to criminal hx issues because if they cant participate in clinicals then they wouldn't meet the GA requirements for nursing program curriculum needed to apply for licensure.