Felony, got ATT, took NCLEX, now...

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    I live/work in Illinois.

    My ATT was delayed one day because of my felony from ten years ago (took a credit card, withdrew money.). Took NCLEX end of may (first in my class to take it.) Passed in 75, sent in my fee for license a week later. I am now in limbo with my case being reviewed.

    I was cleared by the IDPH to work as a CNA, and did so for two years in nursing homes.

    Already in training at a facility who is aware of my felony. No criminal record before my felony, nothing after. Drugs were not involved. In my letter to the BON, I stated what I have done to make sure mistakes like this never occurred.

    My class even elected me to do the opening/closing prayers for our candlelight/pinning ceremony.

    Anyone feel I should be ok? Only thing I have gotten was that my case was under review. DOnt want to unfairly be trained by my current facility, only to tell them my license is going to be granted. (again, they are aware I have my felony, aware Ive filed, aware I passed NCLEX...just waiting for that magic license so I can pass meds.)

    Anyone want to share positive stories? HA

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    If they reveiwed your application and allowed you to take boards then I would think you're going to be okay. I hope that it all works out. Congrats on passing!
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    Hi do you mind if I message you? I am in a similar situation in IL...
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    So did you get your license
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    Do you go about reviewing people for their nursing license? This seems straightforward but I just want to know how credible this statement is.
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    any update? how long did it take to get lisence

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