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    I just applied to nursing programs in Illinois and i answered no to the being arrested, convicted question. I was arrested for shoplifting when I was stupid years ago but I was not convicted and the arrest was expunged. Will my university be able to see this? I am debating whether or not I should email someone in the admissions and let them know about it. I have nearly perfect grades and a ton of volunteering hours. I know I have high chances of getting in but now I feel like because of a mistake in my past I wont:/ help? any advice?

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    If record expunged, college will not be able to see it; however BON will have access if over age 18, best to disclose.

    See: FAQ: Nursing Licensure With Criminal History
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    Many BONs want to know about arrests even if there was no resulting conviction. Almost all--if not all 51--BONs want to know about expunged records. Fail to disclose this info and the BON finds out, and you risk discipline or even loss of license. Contact your BON--do it anonymously if you prefer--to see exactly what you need to disclose.

    If you have any questions as to how to fill out the Criminal History section of your application, talk to a lawyer as we can't give legal advice.

    Best of luck.

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