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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    Do the declaratory order now. Get it out of the way, and keep copies of everything (I heard when we renew our licenses we may have to explain it again and again...) and call the BON if you have questions. I didn't do the declaratory order because I am legally naive, and I passed my background checks for nursing school, the hospital I work, and Homeland Security where I worked prior to my hospital job, all with no problem. Mine was an arrest in 2001 for an unclean/dirty/fictitious license (stupid issue, and my fault: selling my car to a friend, his gf "got the paperwork done" but had actually simply put a replacement registration for her own car on the one I was selling) and I was released immediately and it never went to court. Since it never showed up again, I thought it was gone. I was wrong and now I might not get my license.
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    I believe you are right. And I have a plan of how to do without initially disclosing the non-disclosed check it out http://allnurses.com/nursing-licensu...ng-747565.html, a thread I started about Non-Disclosure Orders and my rant about "deferred adjudication".

    Thx so much for your quick response.
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    Quote from txrnhopeful

    do the declaratory order now... i thought it was gone. i was wrong and now i might not get my license.
    i believe the lesson here is to be sure and obtain a copy of your personal criminal history that includes the fbi info the bon will receive so you aren't side-blinded. i actually had an arrest on my record where charges were never filed and for which i obtained an expunction order so it would be totally erased. but obtaining the record will confirm this important fact.

    i did call the txbon several months ago when i was informed by the district clerk that the records where so old one had been destroyed and the other lost. txbon told me all they required for offenses protected by orders of non-disclosure were the case numbers. i am interessted to see how they treat offenses such as these as opposed to those without non-disclosure in that it is m
    y understanding by petitioning the court and obtaining the “orders of non-disclosure”, i went through a judicial process where the prosecutors and judge together found me rehabilitated and not a threat to myself or society (yes, there was a hearing). the criminal record they receive will show this final disposition. add to this it was 30 years ago and no criminal offenses thereafter (yes, i did learn my lesson) i am optimistic i will be approved; however, it not then i need to know. why spend 3 years in time and money (i'd be 59 by then) to find out there is a problem.
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    I'm approved to sit for nclex but have to register for tpapn. It's better than a no
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    I filled out my declaratory order in January got it back in February had to send 150 to the enforcement board which was sent in March, I'm still waiting is there something else I should do? I graduate next week and I have not heard anything from the board, I called one time a week ago and I was told that each investigator had 500 cases on their desk. Is there any place I can check to see if I can sit for my nclex? When I check eligibility status it shows my background check was received June 6 2011.
    Im really frustrated.
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    I cant believe they investiage...whay exactly do they investigate?? Every single wrong thing you did in the past? This is quite frightening..
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    I just graduated with my BSN and just found out that my app was sent to enforcement.
    My history:
    -DWI 10 years ago when I was 21.
    - MIP-alcohol almost 11 years ago when I was 20.
    Both were misdemeanors, fine was paid, and probation completed. I fully disclosed these to the BON when I turned in my app. I have not had ANYTHING on my record besides a few minor traffic violations in 10 years. Now I feel lost b/c of the amount of time I am seeing that this investigation can take. The jobs I am after start in the next 2 months, and from what I have read, I will have to pass them up. This is so depressing. I guess I will have to work as a tech until I hear something.... anyone out there with a similar background? I know that they take into consideration your age and amount of time passed since offences were committed, so the fact that I was 21 and it has been 10 years will hopefully be on my side
    I really wish I would have started this process a long time ago!
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    Hi there Liberty TX,

    I am a graduate nurse still waiting to get an att code; don't mean to disappoint you as each case is different, but it's been almost a year.

    Not sure what an MPI-alcohol is but, I also had a dwi 10 years ago, and a 2nd offense 9 years ago. I was 22 years old. Likewise, some traffic violations along the way.
    Now, I am grateful that the BON takes te iniative to find out who we are and if we pose a threat to the public by investigation and checking if we are fit to practice or not, however, my only concern is that the process takes so long and during that time it is very hard to sit back and wait. Knowledge and skills are diminshed and well, it's a bummer just waiting around not being licensed.

    After my app went to enforcement, it took the bon 6.5months to get back to me with a recommendation. The recommendation was to be evaluated for a chemical dependency by a Board approved evaluator, (psychiatrist or psychologist). After that, the evaluation results went back to the board for 8 weeks and I am still waiting for a recommendation based on the physician findings (which were unremarkable).

    It is my understanding that even after that recommendation, you must still complete the recommendations before you sit for the nclex. I have passed up 12 jobs already. And I hope that everyone who is young and having fun thinks about their future careers because it will definately come back and haunt you someda somehow
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    Good luck Liberty Tx and everyone
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    Enforcement dept. takes 4-6.5 months just reviewing the case. Some less time, some actually take up the 6.5 months as in my case

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