Double standard for nursing since it's female dominated?

  1. I commented earlier that other professional organizations seem to protect their members (law, medicine for examples), whereas nursing boards seem to lie in wait to discipline THEIRS. I saw a comment in here that that is due to nursing being female dominated, holding women to a higher moral standard? I just love when I find a reasonable, plausible explanation to any question I have been pondering. It makes perfect sense to me. Maybe the answer is more men on the BONs? I don't think there are any men on the AZ board, in fact. Comments?
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  3. by   Tiger747
    Well... at the Indiana Board of Nursing they "broke bad" (vernacular) with a sweet little lady in front of me for one (1), a single, D.U.I.

    You do not even want to know what they wanted her to do.

    They called me up, and I basically said, "I don't even care." LOLOL I had a misdemeanor battery from 2000. They were kind to me with a "good luck" and 6-month "probationary license".

    Now I know what the "good luck" meant. LOL