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Hi. I live in CA and recently recieved a letter from the BRN stating they are denying my application to take NCLEX due to 2 DUI's from 02 and 03. My case has been sent to the attorney generals office where they are going to take... Read More

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    A friend of mine recently got denied to sit for the NCLEX in California. She was disappointed and filed to sit in Nevada. She is taking NCLEX next month.
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    I didn't realize you were able to apply to take the NCLEX through more than one state? Or if you get denied in one state, then you can apply in another state? Didn't the CA denial make it hard for NV to approve? That's what user dinguino is saying.
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    I am in AZ. If you try to apply for licensure here with a DUI, you are going to go through a hellish experience, and won't be sure until the end if you will get a license. From my personal experience of 25 years without a blemish, or even any traffic violations, my misdemeanor DUI cost me license. To keep it, the program is:
    *4-6 weeks of INPATIENT rehba, based upon THEIR addiction assessment, that YOU pay for.
    *Sign an affidavit to swear that you 'are an addict'.
    *AA 3x/weeek for 90 days, then 2x/week for a year- with written prooof from a fellow attendee that you did attend, sent to BON
    *No alcohol for 3 years with random testing thais about $100 a pop
    *Monthly physician and psych evals to determine whether you are impaired
    *Your employer must submit 3 monthsly forms, for 3 years- attendance records, work evaluation- is their indication of drug use, and missing drugs at work, etc. (IF you can get a job or keep the one you had)
    *The list goes on and on.
    Did I mention that I have been a nurse for 25 years, in 3 states, never a complaint, and with a prior clear MVR?
    Good luck to you all.
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    Hi Tulip!j Did you ever get to sit for boards???
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    Norahkc and tulip12,
    what was your outcomes? I have 2 duis and was recently denied licensure. I signed a waiver to take nclex next month but they are not releasing results until everything gets settled. I turned in my appeal last month.
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    Hello all,My case is a little different. I got my first DUI in 2008 and i got my second one while I was in nursing school which was august of 2013. I'm still in nursing school and graduate august 2015. I know forsure I'm going to get denied but besides my DUI classes and alcohol program, is there anything else I need to do to show the BON ? Also, it looks like people post here and forget about it. I'd love to know what happened to a lot of you on here. Were you guys able to take the test? Any updates would be wonderful!
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    I think it took me around 4 to 5 months to hear back. I had a DWI that was 10 years old (BAC .16) and they approved me.

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