Criminal backround and Missouri liscensing.

  1. I know this question is asked a lot, but mine is a little different. I made some mistakes out of highschool. A few years ago I received an MIP (which I am getting expunged), Was arrested for felony drug posession but was never charged, and finally was arrested for another felony drug posession in illinois and received 410 probation (plead guilty for purposes of probation, conviction is dismissed). I will be expunging my illinois case, if the dismissal isn't enough. So my question is, even though I do not have a conviction, could any of these arrests hold me back, I am aware that even with expungement you have to report everything to the bon... So can I be disqualified based on the arrests alone with no convictions? Even if I have this expunged could I not be liscensed by the bon because they can still see my records of court cases or arrests? It seems as if in this field an expungement wont even help you. (I will not have any convictions when approaching the board)
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    We can't give legal advice. Go to the BON website and review the way it is worded. Then perhaps consult a lawyer to get the exact meaning of what you have described.
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    Overall, your case isn't that much different than many others, so take heart.

    As far as whether your history will hold you back...that's a matter between you and the BON. The BON reviews every application on a case-by-case basis, and even they won't necessarily tell you anything up front--instead they'll instruct you to submit your application and they'll evaluate it then. Also, because they review each case individually, the fact that Nurse X was licensed/denied with their record doesn't mean you'll automatically have the same fate.

    The four best pieces of advice I can give you is:

    1. Lawyer up. Have a lawyer involved with any dealings with the BON. The BON is not your friend: their main goal is to ensure the safety of the public first and foremost; your needs and concerns come second if at all. You'll need someone looking out just for you...hence the lawyer.

    2. Honesty is the best policy, because if the BON finds out something you failed to disclose--and yes, in most states this includes expunged and/or juvenile records--you've pretty much shot any chance of licensure in the foot. Again, consult the BON to determine what you need to disclose, then the lawyer to determine the best way to disclose it.

    3. If you have questions regarding the BON, the best source for answers is...the BON. You can even e-mail anonymously if you prefer.

    4. And get the lawyer for legal advice, as that's something we can't give here at AN.

    Best of luck.